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360° experience.

  • Spherical 360° photos and videos in one single shot
  • 1/2.3 CMOS sensor (x2), 14 MP
  • Full HD video
  • Bright lens: F2.0
  • Easy viewing of images and videos by swiping and pinching in the app on your smartphone
  • Sharing on social networks, dedicated websites or Google Maps and Google +TM via your smartphone
  • High speed Wi-Fi transfer
  • Possibility to create original RICOH THETA apps via API/SDK


Kirjeldusloe edasi

360° view can be enjoyed with high performance and ease of use.
Standard-class model

Amazingly high performance

The device can be used in a variety of ways.

Feel closer to a 360° view.

  • Natural 360° still images and movies with excellent quality and highly accurate stitch processing
  • Quick response so images can be taken in about 1.5 seconds after the power is turned on
  • Thin/light-weight body achieved by unique twin-lens folded optics
  • iOS and Android are supported. The device can be linked to most smartphones.
  • High compatibility with various social networking services
  • With a commercial VR viewer, you can fully experience virtual reality.
  • 4-color variations are available
  • The internal configuration is optimized to achieve light-weight.
    * Comparison with THETA S
  • An evolved main app with simple operation that even a first-time user can use easily.
  • Easy editing with the dedicated editing apps "THETA+" and "THETA+Video"

1. Microphone
2. Speaker
3. Lens
4. Camera status lamp
Images can be captured when lit.
5. Shutter button
Press to capture images.
6. Wireless lamp
Flashes when not connected to Wi-Fi and lights when connected to Wi-Fi when the wireless function is on.
7. Capture mode lamp
Lamp that corresponds to the selected capture mode lights.
8. USB terminal
Connects to the provided USB cable.
9. Tripod mount hole
10. Power lamp
- Lights blue when the power is on.
- Flashes blue when the remaining battery level is low.
11. Power button
Turns the power on/off.
12. Wireless button
Turns the wireless function on/off.
When the power is turned on while holding this button, the camera turns on with self-timer.
13. Capture mode button
Switches between still image capture and video capture modes.

Tehnilised andmed loe edasi

Tüüp - Kaamera tüüp Spherical camera
Sensor - Tüüp CMOS
Sensor - Efektiivseid piksleid

Approx. 12MP, Output size: Approx. 14MP

Kere - Kõrgus


Kere - Laius


Kere - Sügavus

22.9mm (17.9 mm*)

* Excluding lens section.

Kere - Kaal

Approx. 102g

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