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GR - Kirjeldus

The GR lens opens up a world of expression that goes above and beyond its compact size.

The new GR inherits the product concept of the GR DIGITAL series while upgrading the basic specifications and functions of its predecessor. It is a pure joy to own and use, as it offers a wider selection of functions and much-improved performance, while retaining a pocket-size body and the refined design shared by all GR-series models.

Video introduction

New GR LENS 18.3mm F2.8

This model is equipped with the wide-angle 28mm equivalent in the 35mm format GR LENS 18.3mm F2.8, which achieves both a compact size and high performance. Using uncompromising design with a superior fixed focal length of 28mm, sharp, skillful depictive performance is available from the maximum aperture f2.8.

In addition to a unique, newly developed lens construction, glass with high refractive index and low dispersion qualities were used, along with optimized placement of aspherical high-precision molded glass lenses for aberration removal to the utmost limits, even image quality and contrast from the center to the edges of the image, and high resolution. Coupled with a lens construction that reduces ghosting, and multi-coating on all surfaces, this lens possesses excellent resistance against backlighting. Of course distortion and chromatic aberration are reduced to an absolute minimum, for the best overall optical performance of any GR model. With sufficient aperture efficiency and a 9-bladed iris aperture, beautiful blurring effects to the edges of the image with minimal falloff are achieved. Also equipped with an ND filter that can be manually controlled for a wide range of photographic expression.

Large 16MP APS-C CMOS sensor

TEquipped with a high-sensitivity, wide dynamic range APS-C large-size CMOS sensor (Approx. 16.2 megapixels (camera effective pixels)). Improved shadow noise characteristics makes a routine high-sensitivity shooting at ISO 3200 possible (Max: ISO 25600). By making the camera low-pass filter-less, the excellent lens characteristics are used as-is, providing clear depiction all the way to the edges of the image. By designing the sensor and lens to be mutually optimized, and inclusion of a large-format sensor, the GR achieves a compact, slim body, appropriate to its namesake.


Newly developed GR ENGINE V

To accommodate the newly designed APS-C size CMOS sensor, a new image processing engine, GR ENGINE V was developed. High-performance image processing algorithms suppress all types of noise, produce natural, sharp images, and suppress color saturation for specific colors that have the tendency to become saturated.


For even better image quality.

For even better image quality. With the white balance feature Multi-Pattern AUTO, compensation areas are compartmentalized, making it possible to optimize color reproduction even under multiple light sources. Additionally, with the Dynamic Range Compensation function, compensation on the pixel level is improved, and fringing of luminance borders is completely reduced. These facets come from the tireless pursuit of more faithful color reproduction, and making images look beautiful.

High-speed operation

1 second (approx.) high-speed start-up for instantaneous responsiveness. By optimizing the lens drive and AF algorithms, a high-speed AF of approximately 0.2 second focusing speed is possible in Contrast AF. Release time lag has been shortened to the absolute minimum. 4 fps sequential shooting. Even the pursuit of high-speed controls has not been overlooked by using a lens barrier mechanism so that it is no longer necessary to use a lens cap. With these features, you'll never miss another sudden photo opportunity.

Full-featured AF functions

The rear of the camera is now equipped with an AF function switching lever and button. With a press of the lever, you can easily switch between Continuous AF, and AE/AF Lock. With your thumb you can switch from AF to Continuous AF, with the lever you can switch to AF Lock, and after AF lock with the AF button, you can switch to AE lock with a halfway press of the shutter release button, expanding your shooting possibilities. This model is also equipped with the Full-Press Snapshot function*, for skipping AF and shooting at the set distance when pressing the shutter button all the way down at once.  You will never again miss that moment that you want to capture. AE tracking speed has also been improved. This model will respond accurately even to fast camera work, making sure you'll always capture that important moment beautifully, at the correct exposure.

*[ON],[OFF] can be selected. Only available when[Focus]is set to [Multi AF],[Spot AF],or[Pinpoint AF].

High-resolution, 3.0 type, 1.23 million dot LCD screen

The LCD screen now uses a new protective cover. The screen is also equipped with an automatic brightness adjustment function, and can be relied upon even in punishing outdoor use. The screen also features beautiful and easy to read multi-tone scalable font characters, full-color for smooth graphic display, and a highly visible display for smooth shooting. 

Aperture preview button 

The new aperture preview button is located on the side of the camera body. With this button, you can check the depth of field before shooting. Not only can this be used from image setting effects, but it is also available from the third function button, continuing on from the conventional second function button. 

Equipped with an Electronic Level

The camera is equipped with a built-in Electronic Level. With this feature, you can check the inclination of the camera in the horizontal, forward and backward (tilt) directions while shooting. The level is displayed at the bottom of the screen, making composing a shoot and shooting easy.

Pocket size for superb operability

A simple design that fits perfectly in the hand, with a grip that is easy to hold. Even though equipped with a large-format sensor about 8.9 times larger than the area ratio of the 1/1.7 type sensor, the GR design was emulated for a body size equal to that of the GR film camera. Magnesium alloy is used for the body material, making the camera lightweight and extremely tough. The GR is designed as a reliable and durable tool to meet the expectations and love of those who own it.

Never miss a moment with Full Press Snap. 

This model is also equipped with Full Press Snap for high-speed sequential shooting at the set distance when pressing the shutter button all the way down at once. By selecting the focal distance beforehand (1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m, 2.5 m, 5 m, infinity), shooting can be completed without activating AF, for snapping away whenever the mood strikes and never missing a shot.


Unique exposure mode, as well as shutter and aperture priority modes.

The TAv mode (shutter and aperture priority AE mode), which was traditionally only included on Pentax brand DSLR cameras, is now included as an exposure mode. In this mode, the ISO speed is automatically adjusted according to your preferred aperture and shutter speed settings. With these features, expressive performance is available that only a GR with vastly improved high-sensitivity qualities can deliver.


Focus Assist and Move Target assist in more accurate focusing.

With these functions you can specify any portion of a subject to meter, and then lock the focus. You can also magnify a portion of the screen, emphasize outlines or contrast, and focus more accurately.

Eye-Fi card link function, for easily importing images to smartphones.

Image import to smartphones and other devices is simple with an Eye-Fi card. You can check the connection destination, transfer selected images, and send two reduced sizes.

High-quality Full HD movies.

The high-quality imaging provided by the GR lens and large-format CMOS sensor, as well as the beautiful world brimming with atmosphere and blurring effects can be recorded in Full HD, MPEG4 AVC/H.264 format. AF is also available while recording a movie. Effects can also be set for movies so that various creative expressions can easily be added.


ND filter with manual and auto control.

The GR is equipped with an ND filter for use with maximum aperture (f2.8). The ND filter's ON/OFF settings can be used whether in manual or auto modes.

35mm Crop mode expands expressive capabilities 

This mode makes it possible to shoot at a 35mm equivalent* focal length. Angles of view are divided by theme for an expanded realm of shooting expression.
*epuivalent to 35mm in the 35mm format *The largest image size when using 35mm Crop mode is M. 


Macro mode lets you shoot up to 10cm

By using an overall feed system for minimal performance change due to shooting distance, sharp image quality and beautiful blurring effects are possible even at maximum aperture in macro mode. This model is also equipped with the Auto Macro function for shooting from 10 cm away from the end of the lens without switching to macro mode.

In-camera RAW developing

Various adjustments to RAW images can now be made on the camera after shooting and saved as a new JPEG file. You can also apply image effects after processing is complete.


Dedicated 21mm* wide-angle converter

This is a newly developed wide-angle conversion lens designed with GR lens properties in mind. This lens makes full use of the GR's mobility for super wide-angle photography.
*epuivalent to 21mm in the 35mm format *The optional hood and adapter are required to attach the wide-angle conversion lens.


Effect mode offers various ways to expand shooting expression. 

In addition to the positive reputations of Positive Film Tone and Breach Bypass, Retro, High-Key, and Miniaturize have been added. Detailed settings are possible, expanding the possibilities of photographic expression even further. These effects can also be applied during in-camera RAW processing. 

Full-featured Auto Bracketing.

Not only does this feature take care of exposure bracketing, but it brackets for various functions such as two types of white balance, effects, dynamic range correction, and contrast.

Interval Composite has been brushed up for even better performance.

Interval Composite, the popular function that continuously shoots a night sky for a specific interval, and then extracts and merges only highly bright image data for capturing the light trails of stars and the moon along with scenery, has been improved. Shortest, is available as a new interval setting, making it possible to connect even finer light trails. This function is not only available from M mode, but can be activated from Av, Tv, and TAv modes.


Multi-Exposure for enjoyable creative photography

Multi-Exposure can merge up to five images. Detailed settings are possible such as the automatic adjustment of exposure amount for the number of shots, saving each image before merging, saving images each time they are merged, etc. Because images can be retaken right after they are shot, it is easy to create exactly the image you have in mind.

Function expansion via firmware upgrade 

Function-enhancing firmware upgrades, which have been popular with all GR-series models — from the GR DIGITAL to the GR DIGITAL IV — are scheduled to become available along the way for the new GR as well. By upgrading the camera’s firmware, the user can always take advantage of the latest, most advanced functions to optimize the camera’s performance.