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645D - Ülevaade

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Pretsedenditu pildikvaliteet

  • 40 megapiksliga CCD sensor
  • PENTAX PRIME II pildiprotsessor
  • Uus SAFOX IX+ autofookuse süsteem
  • 77 segmendiga särimõõtmine
  • 14-bitine A/D muundur
  • Ilmastikukindel kere
  • Kaks SD/SDHC mälukaardipesa


Auhinnadloe edasi

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Kirjeldusloe edasi

44×CCD pildisensor on kvaliteetsete piltide võti

645D sensor

Image size is a very important factor in advanced photography: the larger the image size, the more faithfully the ambience and sense of depth can be described, resulting in colour-rich, fine-detailed images. The 645D incorporates a large, high-performance CCD image sensor (approximately 1.7 times larger that that of 35mm-format models). Because of this, it provides superb image description, unmatched by 35mm-format photography, and gives a boost to the creative aspirations of all photographers.


Distinctive imaging characteristics different to 35mm format

Rich graduation, natural depth-of-field depiction at open aperture, and crisp image definition at smaller apertures. The large image circle and broad sensor plane of the medium-format image sensor assures these benefits — factors essential for producing super-high-quality, true-to-life images unrivaled by 35mm-format counterparts. In addition, since a medium-format lens has a longer focal length than a 35mm lens with the same angle of view, it offers a better description of plasticity and makes the subject stand out more sharply against beautifully obscured background.


40 effective megapixels deliver exceptional resolving power

645D detailsThanks to its approximately 40 effective megapixels, the 645D delivers super-high-resolution images equal in quality to those captured by the high-end digital camera backs used at professional photo studios. Its resolving power is far superior to that of 35mm-format digital SLR cameras or film-format 645 cameras.* Even when printed on large-format papers (measuring as large as 420mm by 297mm), you are assured of high-density, true-to-life artwork. When printed on the larger papers (measuring as large as 1,189mm by 841mm) used for photo exhibitions, the difference in resolution becomes even more evident. Sharply defined details make your images more fascinating and inspiring.

* Based on PENTAX assessment standards (as of February 2010).



Low-pass-filter-less design optimizes lens performance

While the low-pass filter (LPF) is effective in minimizing the adverse effects of false colors and moiré, it can cause a deterioration in image sharpness. Because the 645D was designed for the highest resolution in mind, it features an LPF-free CCD unit, which can optimize the resolving power of the lens and the image sensor without compromising the overall image resolution. Thanks to its super-high resolving power, the 645D delivers high-quality images so sharp and vivid that even every leaf of a tree in a scenic image stand out clearly and individually.


Tehnilised andmed loe edasi

Tüüp - Kaamera tüüp TTL autofocus, auto-exposure medium format digital SLR camera
Objektiiv - Bajonett PENTAX 645AF2 bayonet mount
Sensor - Tüüp CCD with a primary colour filter
Sensor - Efektiivseid piksleid approx. 40 megapixels
Kere - Kõrgus 117mm
Kere - Laius 156mm
Kere - Sügavus 119mm
Kere - Kaal approx. 1480 g (52.2 oz.) loaded and ready with battery and two SD memory cards
approx. 1400 g (49.4 oz.) without battery and SD memory card.